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Conceived by doctors,
Created for you.

While your baby may be the center of your world,

your mental health and well-being are the center of ours.

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Many of EmmaWell's program components and services are available for free.

Find immediate help through free hotlines specialized in triaging, assessing and helping anyone experiencing a maternal mental health condition.

Join a virtual peer support group of other pregnant and postpartum parents, led by a therapist specialized in maternal mental health.


Our free checklists help you stay organized and answer the most common questions throughout your pregnancy and during the early months of new parenthood.

Use our free directory, curated by women's health professionals, to find the birth prep, mental health, and maternal wellness resources you need.


Prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, parenthood, and the postpartum period by taking webinars taught by EmmaWell's maternal health and childcare experts.

Develop coping and resiliency skills to reduce stress and promote healthy mood management through this free virtual course. 

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Our Mission

Maternal Well-Being
From Bump to Baby

EmmaWell empowers pregnant and postpartum people to prioritize their mental health and well-being.  


EmmaWell is a mission-driven organization dedicated to improving access to the support, guidance, and education programs proven to result in positive mental health outcomes for all pregnant and postpartum people, babies, and their families.


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