You’ll never have to search far for the support you need with these provider-recommended resources, as well as evidence-based education and wellness services for expecting and new parents

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Mental Health
Fitness & Wellness
Young Mother
Birth & Baby Prep
Baby Feeding

Mental Health

Need to talk to someone immediately?

Online Resources

Websites with trusted information on maternal mental health conditions.

Mental Health Support Groups

Support groups for new and expecting moms, including virtual options.

Recommended Books

Recommended reading on addressing maternal mental health issues.

Resiliency Education

Courses and programs that teach resiliency and coping skills for new motherhood.

Mental Health Providers

Recommended providers with expertise in mental health conditions during pregnancy and the postpartum.

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Fitness & Wellness

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes recommended for pregnant and postpartum people.

Birth and Postpartum Doulas

Recommended doulas to provide education and support during childbirth and the early postpartum.


Recommended licensed acupuncturists with expertise in treating pregnant or postpartum people.

Online Nutrition Resources

Recommended websites and online resources with prenatal and postpartum nutrition information.

Physical Therapists

Recommended physical therapists who work with pregnant and postpartum people.


Recommended chiropractors experienced in Webster-technique that treat pregnant and postpartum people.

Nutrition Consultants

Recommended dietitians and nutritionists with expertise in prenatal and postpartum issues.

Massage Therapists

Spas and massage therapists experienced in prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.


Birth & Baby Prep

Online Resources

Websites with trusted information about preparing for childbirth and life with a baby.

Recommended Books

Recommended reading on how to prepare and care for your baby.

Birth & Baby Education

Recommended classes that help prepare couples for childbirth and parenthood.


Baby Feeding

Baby Feeding Hotlines

Phone numbers of trusted resources to call about baby feeding.

Mobile Phone
Baby Feeding Education

Recommended breastfeeding and baby feeding classes for expecting and new parents.

Lactation Consultants

Recommended lactation consultants that can help with breastfeeding and baby feeding issues.

Recommended Books

Recommended reading on all aspects of feeding your newborn and/or toddler.

Online Resources

Websites with trusted information and guidance on feeding your baby.

Breastfeeding Support

Recommended breastfeeding support groups led by lactation experts.

Breast Pump Resources

Recommended resources for purchasing or renting a breast pump.



Online Resources

Websites with trusted information on baby care and parenting.

Pediatric Providers

Trusted pediatric providers recommended for providing care for your newborn and other children.

Play & Music Groups

Recommended  play groups and music classes for parents with newborns and young children.

Parenting Education

Recommended baby care and parenting classes for expecting and new parents.

Sleep Consultants

Recommended experts to help infant and child sleep issues and assist with sleep training.

Recommended Books

Recommended reading on the topic of caring for your baby and child.