Our Mission

Why EmmaWell Was Born

In the fall of 2019, we conceived of a platform to provide convenient and easy access to high-quality support for the well-being of women during all stages of pregnancy and the postpartum period.  At EmmaWell, we believe that by improving maternal mental health for all moms and their families, we can reduce birth-related complications, hospital admissions, and disability claims that can result from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in the U.S.

We have created a comprehensive, digital program that aims to provide the support guidance, and education that expecting and new parents need through an easy-to-access, engaging platform that includes: (i)  support via one-on-one virtual consults or mom groups, (ii) expert prenatal and postpartum resources and guidance-on-the-go via our app, and (iii) evidence-based education via our live webinars and on-demand psycho-education course.

Our suite of virtual services is designed to make all aspects of maternal care more accessible and affordable and improve maternal mental well-being.  From therapists who are experts in treating all kinds of prenatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders to certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) trained to troubleshoot any baby feeding issue, we have partnered with maternal health and wellness experts who are passionate about making a difference.

Our free, mobile web-based app provides well-researched, informative content to guide moms-to-be through each week of pregnancy and beyond, as well as planning tools to prepare for the postpartum period.  Anticipatory guidance like ours has been proven to improve maternal well-being, through reduced symptoms of depression and increased duration of breastfeeding.

Our resource lists are brimming with books, websites, classes, local support groups, and local professionals with expertise in the needs of parents throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.  This resource section has been curated by women's health professionals and ensures that expecting and new parents never have to search far for information and services that they are searching for.

Our educational webinars and courses provide families prepare for the arrival of their little one and work through the challenges of new parenthood with the guidance of our experts and evidence-based content.

We are currently focused on the greater Philadelphia area and look forward to broadening our scope and expanding access to our program in the future.

If you are a new or expecting parent, we hope that EmmaWell will be your guide to navigating your first steps in the extraordinary journey of parenthood.


With Warmth and Wellness,


Your EmmaWell Team

Conceived by doctors,
Created for you.