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20 Reasons to Be Thankful to Be a Parent

If nothing else, 2020 has provided a new perspective on daily life, especially to parents. Raising an impressionable little human and paving a safe path through the world may seem more daunting than ever in the face of current events. But parenthood is mostly about living in the present, embracing chaos, and enjoying ordinary moments that add up to a lifetime of memories. As the year we will never forget draws to a close, let’s take a moment to celebrate 20 reasons to be thankful for the gift of parenthood.

20. Being a parent makes you strive to be a better person. You’ll always have someone looking up to you, reminding you to model good decisions.

19. You’ll never be lonely...for the first dozen years at least. This year, loneliness has taken on new meanings, but parents of little ones probably can’t remember what being alone feels like.

18. Only through parenthood can you experience the full spectrum of human emotion. Parenting can make you cry tears of joy and break your heart - sometimes in a single day.

17. Becoming a parent gives your life a clear purpose. Though it can sometimes seem like the world’s most thankless job (endless diaper changing, around-the-clock feeding, and communicating through crying don’t offer much in return at the time), it is the most fulfilling thing you can do in the long run.

16. You’ll have an opportunity to relive (or recreate) your childhood. Being a parent gives you an excuse to stay young at heart and escape the reality of adulting. When you have a child, playing and being silly are basically job requirements!

15. By default, you are your child’s favorite person. The unconditional love that you see reflected in your child’s eyes is unlike any other - unique from the love you feel for your partner or your own parents.

14. You will gain newfound powers of resourcefulness and multi-tasking. Whether it’s keeping your child entertained with crinkly paper while waiting for an appointment or whipping up a delicious new meal out of old leftovers, you’ll develop unexpected life skills.

13. You will realize that mistakes happen...constantly. When you lose your cool or mess up, you can bounce back and redeem yourself just as easily as your little one does.

12. Your child’s triumphs will become your own. Without even realizing it, you will cherish your child’s firsts, from milestone accomplishments to mundane discoveries.

11. Your child will believe that you can fix anything. And - with the help of super glue and duct tape - you can.

10. In the eyes of your child, you have all-knowing, all-healing powers. Having an answer for (nearly) any question and kissing boo-boos away are magical talents only a parent can possess.

9. You develop a deep, innate love that drives you to overcome anything. This love gives you the energy to soothe your newborn night after night or the patience to tolerate your toddler’s tantrums day after day.

8. As a parent, you are no longer the center of the universe. You enter a selfless place when you have children, which gives you more depth of character and a more nuanced outlook on life.

7. Your bond with your child is unconditional. Unlike reciprocal relationships, your child is yours no matter what happens, which creates a sense of security for your child and an appreciation for what your own parents did for you.

6. You get to do things your way. As CEO of your household, you are empowered to borrow what you’ve gleaned from your own upbringing and create your own system of living, learning, and loving.

5. Parenthood keeps you grounded. Whatever successes you achieve, at the end of the day your child will remind you that your primary role is to wipe butts.

4. You never get to savor the sublime satisfaction of bedtime until you’re a parent. No matter how many fires you put out in your household throughout the day, bedtime is a sacred ritual of snuggling pint-sized bodies and reading stories to a captivated audience.

3. There is no greater joy than hearing your child laugh. Whether it’s a tickle-induced giggle fest or a genuine chuckle at a joke you made, hearing your child’s happiness in the form of laughter feeds the soul.

2. It is a gift to watch your child grow. When your child is in the womb, you create all sorts of fantasies about who that person will be. When your child actually starts to become a person, developing a personality and revealing bits of you or your partner, you feel a sense of satisfaction exclusive to a parent.

1. Parenthood is the most important role a human can play in shaping another life. It’s a privilege to mold a young mind and shepherd a little person into the world. Every ounce of energy and effort you put into raising your little one will be worth it as you embark on life’s most rewarding, surprising, and loving adventure.

With Warmth and Wellness,

Your EmmaWell Team

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