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Dads Can Breastfeed Too!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Ok, maybe not exactly. But now that you've clicked.... while we know that fathers are not equipped with breasts, there's still a LOT that dad can do to support successful breastfeeding.

Here’s 5 things that dad can do right now:

1. Be a cheerleader and play some defense:

Cheer mom on: A well-timed ‘let’s try that again,’ or ‘that’s amazing!’ can be invaluable.

Be a great defender: Head off discouragement and deflect negative comments from friends, relatives, and in-laws.

2. Calm a fussy baby:

Once baby has nursed her fill, dad can take over and burp the baby.

3. Spend time with baby so mom can rest:

Hang out: Cuddle, play on the floor, and relax in a chair while baby naps on dad’s chest.

Go out: Take baby for a walk in a stroller, a sling or a carrier.

and Help out: Burp, Bathe, and put baby down for her nap.

4. Be a breastfeeding concierge:

Bring mom food and drink while she is breastfeeding.

Bring nursing pillows to position baby and make mom comfy.

5. Feed baby:

Bottle-feed baby with breast milk and take over some feeding times (if expressing milk manually or with a pump works for mom). This can also help mom get ready to go back to work!

With Warmth and Wellness,

Your EmmaWell Team

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