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How to Stay Positive This Spring

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As the rhythms of daily life have been flipped upside down and turned inside out, it's easy to lose track of what date, month, or even season it is. During the pandemic, we are deprived of physical markers to differentiate one day from the next. As offices have closed, schools have shut down for the year, appointments have been cancelled, social gatherings have moved to Zoom, and celebrations have been rescheduled indefinitely, our individual worlds have all been thrown into turmoil.

But spring is the season of rebirth and hope. The weather might be cold, damp, and cloudy (or even snowy), but your mood doesn't need to be! Be thankful for your health, content that there are no more reasons for FOMO ("Fear of Missing Out"), and grateful for undivided time with your partner or family. Carve out some essential self-care as we transition to warmer weather, longer days, and more time outdoors.

Here are ten tips to feel lighter in these dark times:

  1. Spend more time outdoors. Even if it's raining, venture out with an umbrella and rain boots!

  2. Try some indoor exercises that make you feel energized. There are plenty of free options on social media and YouTube.

  3. Stay in touch with loved ones by phone, email, or snail mail.

  4. Visit local parks where nature is beginning to explode in vibrant colors.

  5. Get some dirt under your fingernails - Prepare a garden, plant flowers, and watch them grow.

  6. Schedule a daily "treat time" to indulge in something that sparks joy.

  7. Stimulate the respiratory and circulatory systems with movement throughout the day.

  8. Use an Ayurvedic neti pot to help prevent congestion.

  9. Clear your space of clutter - Think Spring Cleaning!

  10. Decorate with colors that are warm and bright.

These tips can go a long way in lifting your mood and energy. We can all use some extra support at a time like this. If you have more mood-boosting ideas, please share in a comment!

With Warmth and Wellness,

Your EmmaWell Team

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