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Round-up of Food Delivery Services

Shopping for groceries during the pandemic has become a daunting, time-consuming task, involving protective face gear and endless patience to face lines often snaking through the interior of a store around the outside of the building. And after all that, you’re more likely than not to return home without everything on your list, since many shelves and entire aisles remain barren. Supermarkets have not only become overcrowded and over-complicated, with sometimes confusing social distancing measures in place, but also often stressful and scary, with the risk of the coronavirus around every corner.

Now more than ever, food delivery services offer an escape from grocery shopping - whether it’s a tedious or treacherous task in your household. They can also take the guesswork out of feeding a family and lift the burden of meal planning. Let’s face it - Parents trapped at home with kids or babies, struggling to juggle work with childcare, have no time for elaborate meals. These days, most families are feeling tired of the same old breakfast, lunch, and dinner but have no time to research recipes and shop for supplies. For many in the current climate, ordering food items online has become a critical need rather than just a convenience.

We have rounded up some of the top-reviewed food delivery services available in the Philadelphia area, including prepared entrees, meal subscriptions, and online groceries (including several local options). From chef-crafted meals to pantry staples, everything you could need to survive a pandemic is just a click away. Of course, we are mindful that not every household can manage such a luxury, which usually involves an added fee; but we hope that this round-up is helpful in providing alternative, accessible ways to feed your family over the next indeterminate amount of time at home. For those who cannot afford to feed their families, we have included a link to free food resources in Philadelphia at the bottom.

Prepared Meals

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean prides itself on using the freshest (never frozen) organically-grown ingredients - free from GMO, gluten, and artificial preservatives. If you’re looking to increase your veggie intake, this is an excellent option. You can select the number of meals you’d like to receive per day/week from the following categories: protein+, keto, paleo, vegan, and low-carb vegan. Delivered every Friday, meals arrive fresh and ready to eat or be transferred to the refrigerator. These dishes generally won’t satisfy a craving for comfort food but are ideal for squeezing well-rounded nutrients into a harried week.

Cost: $9.33 per serving with a weekly subscription

Current Promotion: $20 off your first order

Sample Menu Items: romesco cod with quinoa, bean taco bowl with Mahi Mahi, quinoa with chimichurri grass-fed ground beef

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest offers a wide variety of healthy menu items and flexible deliveries so that you can create your own custom meal plan. As a new customer, you'll choose how many items you’d like (9, 12, or 24) and how often you’d like them delivered (weekly or monthly). There are around 80 unique, chef-crafted options for any time of day. After your first delivery, you can add additional items, change box sizes, swap out selections, or skip a week. Daily Harvest’s savory harvest bowls and soups simply need a quick zap in the microwave, while the smoothies and breakfast chia and oat bowls require the addition of a liquid, along with a spin in the blender or an overnight soak. Easy peasy! Flatbreads and snack bites round out its menu of quick, hearty items.

Cost: About $8 for smoothies and soups, $9 for harvest bowls and flatbreads

Current Promotion: $25 off your first box

Sample Menu Items: cacao & avocado smoothie, cauliflower & leek stew, spinach & shiitake grits harvest bowl